An appeal for the participation in the project THE TEMPLE OF ALL-CHRISTIAN MEETING AND RECONCILIATION "St. JOHN THE BAPTIST" is intended for:

   -   Founders: all the Christian churches, royal families and orders of knighthood,
   -   Great donors: states and companies, and
   -   Donors: all - Christian individuals

In order not to leave the project only a Christian church - monarchy utopia, for the beginning it is sufficient to be supported by a single Christian church, a king or an order of knighthood or a maecenas - benefactor that would fully support this project and help its further lobbying in Christian universe.

The present-day or future king or queen, emperor or empress, gentleman or lady of the presidentship and Christian church that would support the realization of this soteriological (salvation-through- Christ teaching) project in eschatological drama of the modern apostatic (religion-deserting) civilization could grow into a "catechon", "the one who holds back", "the man of lawlessness/the man of sin, i. e. anti-Christ" ( 2 Thessalonians 2: 6 - 7)

Medial reconcilaiation territory on which the project should be realized will become clear in God`s providence where the church, king, state and orders of knighthood are theologic, monarchial and political sense more mature, stable and responsible, therefore to decide to support this project and lobby for it among other churches, states, royal families and orders of knighthood.

Let us leave all the rest to God!

Contact:Vojislav Devic, author