The complex is to be built in Europe, on medial geostrategic position between the three Romes: Vatican, Moscow and Constantinople.

According to the author, one of the best location is on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro (geopolitically, one of the heart of Romeland, and geoecclesiastically, Heartland) in the stretch from Danube to the Adriatic see (from Holy Fruska gora to Holy Boka Kotorska). From the aspect of infrastructural content of the location, the best one lies between Belgrade and Novi Sad, and concerning the guarding of the arm of John the Baptist, is is Cetinje.
The attractive location on the territory of the city of Niš,the birthplace of Constantine I the Great-the supporter of Christianity by the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, must not be forgotten either.

It could be for the first time in their history that Serbia and Montenegro become a meeting place of Christian superiors, churches, monarchies, statesmen and nations - a unique peacemaking centre of the Christian world, and the Serbs, Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbia state could become Christian peace hosts, i. e. the initiators of a new era of peacemaking globalization of Christianity.

Picture 1. The hand of St. John the Baptist in the centre of the gravitational forces of influence of the three Romes and other Christian centres