We planned by the project that all the founders finance their own objects, and divide the costs of land buying, infrastructure construction and arranging of joint space into equal shares.

Although realization cost of this project may seem out of reach for great number of potential founders, it could also be significantly lower, for it is real to expect that the following subjects join as project donors with adequate advertising:

   -   Land owner (state or private owner) that would give the necessary land as a present
   -   Foundations
   -   Designing firms
   -   Constructing firms
   -   Producers of constructing material and equipment
   -   Hoteliers
   -   Companies, as well as
   -   Christian individuals...

....that would be eternally recorded in the history of this sacral complex for their contribution to the realization of the project.

Therefore we planned to form : FOUNDATION THE TEMPLE OF ALL-CHRISTIAN MEETING AND RECONCILIATION "St. JOHN THE BAPTIST" for the realization of the project.

Finally, it should be emphasized: No matter how high the value of the investment is, it is still much lower than 1 pro mille of the sum spent annually for arms and wars in the world!

The descendants of an old Novi Sad large estate owner family are ready, under certain conditions, to give a part of land not far from Novi Sad (1.200 necessary hectares) that should be returned to them by the State obeying the Restitution Law as a present for the realization of this project.
It is also to be emphasized that there is an interest of Serbian diaspora to help financially, under certain conditions, the realization of the project by buying the necessary land, financing complete plan and design documentation and realizing complete infrastructure and mobiliary objects.