Vojislav Devic was born in i952 in Novi Sad. In 1977 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Department of Town Planning and in 1982/83 specialized town planning at the University Paris VIII Saint - Denis. In 1995, he was awarded the title of full professor at the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Culture and Art in Moscow. He was honored with the medal of New Age "Who is who" for "exceptional achievements which marked our lives in many fields" by Baron`s Who is Who Institute from California, USA 2000.

Mr. Devic is a researcher, theoretician and practitioner of town planning, architecture, ecology, futurology and geostrategic projects. He took part in about thirty professional and scientific symposia at Yugoslav, European and world level with authorial papers. He is the cooperator and author to several dozen town plans and projects. He is also the author of a number of articles published in the professional, periodical and daily press, author of the books: The Project of Tolerance - Mondialism, Ecumenism and Orthodoxy (1996) (in three languages): The Hidden Name and the Unknown Urban Genealogy of Novi Sad (1997): Can an Earthquake Endanger the Safety of Novi Sad? (1998); Ethical-Ecological Epistle to the Fellow-Architects and Urban Planners of the III Millennium (1999) (in five languages); Srbalbanopolis - City of Reconciliation of XXI Century (2002) (in four languages); The Conceptual Design of the Temple of All-Christian Meeting and Reconciliation "St. John the Baptist" (2003) (bilingual). Mr. Devic is also the author of Chart of Cultural Property of Vojvodina (in Serbian and English), Cultural-Historical Chart of Sremski Karlovci (bilingual) and Cultural-Historical Chart of Palaces of Vojvodina (bilingual).

He is a protector of Novi Sad squares, graveyards and churches, a promoter of ecology and the creator of the ideas of Biopolis - the model of a healthy, harmonic and desirable town, Olimpiapolis - the balanced town of non-violent peace, Mudrapolis - the testimonial town of the seal with the tolerant barriers, Ascetoplois - the strategy of town self-restriction, the Ecumenical shelters near the Holy Place Marija Snezna at Tekija, the strategy of town survival in XXI century, Fruska gora as the third Holy Mountain and others.

The author Vojislav Devic in front of the picture "The Rise and the Fall of City Construction"