1. According to the author of the project, the Temple of all-Christian meeting and reconciliation is not to be built by the method of shares or any other way that could enable the complex of a kind to become a polygon for the demonstration of the power of earthly interests

  2. All the institutional objects (churches, royal families and orders of knighthood) are to be completely independent law subjects, and rights and obligations are to be defined by The Temple Statutes.

  3. Necessary joint functions are to be under the jurisdiction of the Temple Coordination Body that would take care of the following:

      -  obeying the Temple Statutes,
      -  obeying adopted terms of program activities of all the participants
      -  codex of behaviour
      -  maintenance of joint space
      -  the Temple complex security

  4. The project is to be led by the Consortium constituted by the founders and donors of the Temple.